SwissCFD Hits another Milestone with New IB Program

SwissCFD makes another stride with its new Introducing Broker (IB) program. SwissCFD is a giant firm in the exchange industry. It provides its customers with a wide range of financial options and money exchange choices. These include trade in cryptocurrencies, forex trade, algorithm trade, and CFDs. Also, they deal with the trade of precious metals, gas, and oil.

SwissCFD’s new program, Introducing Broker (IB) aims to benefit the customer and the introducing broker as well. Here is how it works: You introduce a new customer to SwissCFD, and you get paid some amount. There is a vying remuneration formula that is used to dish out the payments. Apart from getting money for referring a customer to SwissCFD, you also get some money when your customer trades on SwissCFD. In short, the more clients you refer, the more money you earn.

Other benefits of introducing broker are that he or she can see the trading data of his or her client. Also, the introducing broker enjoys fast payments and market support from SwissCFD. The IB program also modeled to benefits the customer. The advantages include access to educational resources. These include online courses, seminars, guides on trading strategies and much more. …

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Why Would You Choose To Invest In The Bronze Market Or Currencies?

You could come to to invest in the Forex or other commodities. The Foreign Currency Exchange is a place where you could make a lot of money, and you must remember that you are invest ing in a currency whose price is changing every day. You have to remember that you could invest in the currencies every day with help from a broker, and you could play on the price of these currencies as they rise and fall.

  1. What Will The Forex Do For You?

The Forex is a fun place to go when you want to look at the world of finance. The investments that you make online could be made on any currency. You have to remember that you are investing in a country’s currency that will change based on the news cycle and current events. You should remember that you can choose any currency at any time, and you can get out at any time.

  1. Where Do You Check The Forex Numbers?

You can go to your brokerage house’s page, and you will see the numbers from the Forex. The numbers are changing in real-time, and you can see the changes in real-time. You should check …

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Why Would You Invest In The Foreign Currency Exchange?

The foreign exchange market is one of the most accessible investment options for the public. It is a viable market, and those who are investing in the foreign exchange market has a better chance to gain profit. Individuals who wanted to start investing in the foreign exchange market could select the currency of their choice, and buy them in stacks while at the same time, waiting for its value to rise. There are also brokers who provide their service to people who are investing in the foreign exchange market for the first time, and they are ready to guide and help them with their decisions. Once an individual managed to learn the art of trading at the foreign exchange market, they can instantly make a huge profit from speculating about how a currency would perform.

What is the foreign exchange market?

The foreign exchange market, more commonly known as forex, is a place where currencies all over the world are being traded. An individual entering the forex market would invest in a foreign currency, and they will earn a profit once the currency changes its value. The value could change any time, and just like investing in the …

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The Growing Popularity of Forex Trading and How You Can Succeed

People are often looking for the easiest ways to make money. This often leads them to Forex trading. There are a lot of features of this activity that make it very attractive. One thing to look at is the overall object of Forex trading. The key is to trade currency pairs. You open a deal with the currency pair at a certain price point and then close the deal when it gets to a price point that results in you gaining profits. This sounds simple enough. However, so many people are failing at Forex trading because they do not understand a few key points.

Amount to Trade

One of the ways that people often fail at Forex trading is that they trade too much of their money at once. One of the pieces of advice when it comes to trading is to not trade more than you can afford. This is where emotional management comes in. You have to fight any form of desperation or other emotions that can cause you to act hastily. In fact, emotional trading is ill-advised. If you find that you are overwhelmed by emotions, it is better to take some time off from trading so …

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Securing a Non-Toxic Business Environment

With all the revelations about sexual harassment in the workplace pouring out at the moment, many women are looking back on experiences from their past and asking important questions about if they have been treated fairly. Worryingly, a lot of women report on the normalisation of inappropriate behaviour in their workplace. If you are constantly told to turn a blind eye to the things going on around you, it can start to feel like an irritating yet harmless aspect of your work life. It shouldn’t be this way and that’s why women’s rights campaigns are growing in popularity, with Times Up being a leader for equality in the business environment.


When we allow sexual harassment and discrimination to become the norm, we open the door to unequal pay, destruction of the meritocracy and more sinister things like maternity discrimination. In the UK, maternity rights are heavily protected, but this doesn’t stop employers trying to work around the rules with creative interpretations. If you work in an environment where the women are always reminded of their gender and kept on the back foot when it comes to asking for more, you are going to struggle to get ahead.


So, …

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